Amtrak ridership through Ann Arbor sets record in 2018

Two plots with captions tell the story.

ann arbor amtrak ridership annual through 2018
The 158,552 Amtrak rides through Ann Arbor’s station in 2018 were the most since 1994. It’s about a 5.5 percent increase over last year’s number.
r output chart ann arbor monthly amtrak ridership line graph
In each of the first three months of 2018, the monthly Amtrak ridership numbers through Ann Arbor were an improvement over the previous year, which was a record year for total ridership. After slipping a smidgen in April and May, the monthly numbers in 2018 exceeded the 2017 figures for the rest of the year. The 16,359 rides logged in November 2018 reflected a 10 percent increase over the previous November high, set in 2014.

One thought on “Amtrak ridership through Ann Arbor sets record in 2018

  1. And now that Greyhound (and a few other inter-city bus services) stop at the Amtrak station, the total ridership in/out of that station is probably an additional ~50% on top of those numbers (bus ridership numbers are hard to get because they’re privately owned companies). Ann Arbor is busier than the next two busiest Michigan Amtrak stations (Dearborn & Detroit) combined, before you count the intercity bus service.

    Improvements on the Wolverine line have improved reliability & timeliness and have helped drive up ridership. We’re about to take our third trip via Chicago in less than two years.


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